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Wedding in Cappadocia

Manchmal, wenn ich öfters an dieselben Orte reise, denke ich „Jezt ist gut!“ Aber Cappadocia ist ein Ort, ich glaube zum Teil sogar echt magisch, daß es mich und die Paare immer wieder gerne dorthin zieht. 


Cappadocia Preshoot

Our fourth Cappadocia trip and we still not get enough! An amazing place to travel. We are always excited when a couple wants to go there with us. Mayra and Samet are from USA and this was a shooting for them to remember their trip to Turkey.


Kapadokya Prewedding

Sometimes I’m really surprised of my job, how my dreams and my job act each other. There is a strange energy I can feel it.
The world is a big ball, but sometimes all the long distances are only letters.

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