Wedding in Santorini

Two weeks ago, I posted the after wedding photos of Liz&Nathan in Cappadocia. That was only the first trip of our photo session! And here is the second part! Santorini! An island to fall in love! Don’t forget to enjoy the sunset in Oia :)

We took the photos in the streets of Fira, the little capital of Santorini.
The Belvedere Suites in Firostefani opened the doors for us and we enjoyed the sunset there.
Santorini is a little island, therefore we took the photos in three places…our last stop was Oia.
After our shooting we had a dinner with the lovely couple and we had lots of fun…we talked about everything and we promised to meet again, maybe in the Caribic.
Who knows :)

Dear Liz and Nathan, we was very pleased to meet you. Thank you again for your kindness.

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