Hochzeit Maisenburg

You should know, a wedding at the Maisenburg venue in Germany  is always a good idea and if you have the right concept for a location like the Hofgut Maisenburg you are a lucky couple :)  Please look at the pictures, there is a the answer of everything.

Who else loves deers? My bride loves deers and so it was a wonderful thing for me to find some deerful details at the wedding, she was one of the best organizer I’ve seen. She told me, that there is one thing she can’t decide…the rain! Well, the rain really visited us at this day :) So what…the show must go on :) You will see things that makes your day more beautiful, like a candy bar, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flowers or like simple things like happy socks….

A crazy couple in the middle of the rainy green nature…it was in August last year and it was one of my best weddings I’ve seen. Please enjoy the day like others do…dance with your guests, eat your wedding cake and love your details – like Steffi and Raphi.

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