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Bozcaada Preshooting

Bozcaada is an island in the Agean Sea in Turkey. And when you have once visited this island you will come soon again. The little streets and just for the sunset, you will come again and again…Here is blog post of the Prewedding Shooting with Gülsah & Övünc.


Wedding Styled Shoot

Endlich komme ich dazu diesen Blogeintrag zu schreiben. Ich war schon die ganze Woche sehr gespannt auf diese Bilder und das Resultat. Ja, manchmal kann man auch auf die eigenen Bilder die man gemacht hat freudig sein 🙂 


Country Wedding

Today I want to share a lovely and cute country civil weddings from Turkey. This was Kadir’s photosession, but after I saw these photos, I was so sad that I was not able to be there, too. I really don’t know where to start,…


Hochzeit Bodensee

Ich glaube ja fest daran, dass man mit manchen Menschen sich auf Telepathiebasis versteht. So ging es mir auf jeden Fall, nachdem ich mich mit Sevim am Telefon und später dann auch mit Marco über Skype gesprochen habe. 


Cappadocia Preshoot

Our fourth Cappadocia trip and we still not get enough! An amazing place to travel. We are always excited when a couple wants to go there with us. Mayra and Samet are from USA and this was a shooting for them to remember their trip to Turkey.


Azmak Akyaka

This was my second time in Gökova-Akyaka/Mugla. It’s a quiet region where you can keep calm and enjoy the rest of your time or life 🙂 Our couple Irem&Onur wanted their Save the Date Film and Pre Shooting in Akyaka, so we went there…